ITACO offers assistance services such as Travel Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Car Replacement, Call Center Services, Claim Intimation and Home Assistance.

ITACO is the first assistance company in the region offering assistance services through mobile application. Our customers can download mobile app and request a service with few taps in their smart phone. The mobile app is available for the mobile platforms like Android, IPhone, and Blackberry.

We serve our customers through a direct network of providers in GCC countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. ITACO is the first Assistance Company to launch mobile app for managing provider’s network and the assistance services. Our providers are connected through a smart phone application, which provides information about the availability and location of the provider.

Our customers and providers are connected online to Assistance Management System in the 24/7 Call Center. The professionally trained customer service team monitors and manages the client’s requests and the service provider’s network.

ITACO’s smart phone apps and latest technological set up enable us to offer unique professional service to our customers quickly.